OTNB Idea: Making Hyperlocal Work for Your Newsroom?

Discovered that “hyperlocal” is a lot of work and is adding very little to the bottom line?

New data from Forrester Research suggests we may need to re-think our basic assumptions about hyperlocal. To start with, Forrester data shows that more consumers care about what’s happening in their country than what’s happening in their neighborhood.

In addition, there’s a disconnect between the sources consumers rely on for local news and information versus those they rely on for business listings.
This is a huge problem for local TV stations and newspapers, which bear the cost of content production without reaping the benefit of classified ad sales.
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Inauguration was TV ratings bonanza; nielsen numbers

City-by-City Ratings-Click here for .pdf
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, TV viewership of the Obamaugration was going to be huge. Nielsen confirms it.
Overall, Nielsen reports 29.2% of the households in the top local television markets watched the Inauguration. That could make it the most watched Inauguration since Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

Here are cable numbers: Early cable ratings for the half-hour of Obama’s swearing-in: 8.5 million for CNN, 5.5 million for Fox News, 3.1 million for MSNBC.

NBC most watched broadcast network
Most people watching television during the day yesterday chose to watch NBC for inauguration coverage with ABC a very close second, according to Nielsen Fast National Data.


• Total Viewers:

NBC – 10,406,000

ABC – 10,129,000

CBS – 7,049,000

• A25-54 demo:

NBC – 4,335,000

ABC – 3,931,000

CBS – 2,724,000