Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites – October 2009

Note: The Hitwise data featured is based on US market share of visits as defined by the IAB, which is the percentage of online traffic to the domain or category, from the Hitwise sample of 10 million US internet users. Hitwise measures more than 1 million unique websites on a daily basis, including sub-domains of larger websites. Hitwise categorizes websites into industries on the basis of subject matter and content, as well as market orientation and competitive context. The market share of visits percentage does not include traffic for all sub-domains of certain websites that could be reported on separately.

Who has the Most Followers on Twitter? (Top 100)

The Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers

As expected, Ashton, Oprah, Ellen, and CNN Breaking News made the top of the list.  Products and shows like Chelsey Lately, Martha Stewart, and Whole Foods Market are in the 2nd 25.  Also, notice how few people the top Twitterers follow.   BTW, Griff Potter is ranked 206,631st on twitterholic

# Name (Screen Name) Location URL Followers Friends Updates Joined
1. ashton kutcher (aplusk) here 3,913,292 255 3,832 10 months ago
2. Britney Spears (britneyspears) Los Angeles, CA 3,670,789 430,879 310 14 months ago
3. Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) California 3,648,942 3,913 720 15 months ago
4. CNN Breaking News (cnnbrk) Everywhere 2,798,339 16 1,167 35 months ago
5. Twitter (twitter) San Francisco, CA 2,589,815 108 553 33 months ago
6. Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian) Armenia 2,574,108 64 2,175 8 months ago
7. Barack Obama (BarackObama) Washington, DC 2,559,857 751,782 396 32 months ago
8. Ryan Seacrest (RyanSeacrest) Hollywood, CA 2,541,033 123 1,681 14 months ago
9. John Mayer (johncmayer) USA 2,525,771 70 2,388 9 months ago
10. Oprah Winfrey (Oprah) Chicago, IL 2,516,946 17 74 9 months ago


At A TV Screen Near You: Facebook And Twitter by Mike Bloxham

Reposted from MEDIAPOST.COM Mike Bloxham is director of insight and research at the Center for Media Design, Ball State University. (

How will Facebook & Twitter will manifest themselves on TV post-digital transition?
How will Facebook & Twitter will manifest themselves on TV post-digital transition?

A number of people outside the media industries have told me recently of the noticeable increase in the number of old friends from high school or college who have connected with them on Facebook and the like in recent times.

These people are typically in the 40+ age group and — for the most part — are pleased to be enjoying the renewed contact with old acquaintances, even though many simultaneously express surprise at what they perceive to be a relatively sudden surge in new Friend requests.

“Where have these people come from?” “Why are they contacting me now?” and “Are they new to Facebook?” — all these questions are typically part of the conversation.

A smaller number of people have also said similar things about Twitter. So what’s going on here? Are more of us old folks getting actively engaged in the social networking thing? There’s no doubt that the Facebook user base is expanding rapidly — and apparently the fastest growth is occurring among those who are over 30.

Recently released stats from (stats based solely on U.S., browser-based use of the sites) show huge levels of use for Facebook in January, with around 68.5 million unique visitors delivering almost 1.2 billion unique visits (for the first time I believe, ranking the site above Myspace by 10 million unique visitors in the month).

In a distant third comes Twitter, with just shy of 6 million unique visitors and just over 54 million unique visits. Complete acknowledge that since its stats don’t take into account use of widgets and third-party apps to access the sites, the likes of Twitter will be somewhat under-reported in terms of total use.
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CNN’s Sanchez on Twitter; Local News: the Future

This morning I sat in on MEDIABISTRO.COM’s Morning Media Menu blogcast with CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

@ricksanchezcnn (his Twitter handle) says too many people in local news don’t “get” his broadcasts, which incorporate Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Instead of looking at it as “being cute”, @ricksanchezcnn says his program is a model that local newscasts need to look toward.

CNN's Rick Sanchez sees his broadcasts, which incorporate Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as a model that local newscasts need to look toward.
CNN's Rick Sanchez sees his broadcasts, which incorporate Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as a model that local newscasts need to look toward.

“Local news.. needs to be even more connected to their community. The news is as much being generated from our viewers as it is being presented to them.”

Sanchez says, “It’s a whole different game [the old way] was a speech, and this way is a conversation…Twitter has allowed me to engage in a dialogue with viewers which creates a better news cast for me.”

“Twitter users want to be a part of the process. they are smart, they are engaged, they don’t want gatekeepers”.
“This is participatory journalism at its best that we’re trying to do,” says Sanchez. “52,263 people are following me right now. That means I have 52,263 people who are my assignment editors, who are my sources, who are my general editors, who are my copy editors, who are part of my staff.”
Sanchez on the editorial process and tweeting

Inauguration was TV ratings bonanza; nielsen numbers

City-by-City Ratings-Click here for .pdf
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, TV viewership of the Obamaugration was going to be huge. Nielsen confirms it.
Overall, Nielsen reports 29.2% of the households in the top local television markets watched the Inauguration. That could make it the most watched Inauguration since Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

Here are cable numbers: Early cable ratings for the half-hour of Obama’s swearing-in: 8.5 million for CNN, 5.5 million for Fox News, 3.1 million for MSNBC.

NBC most watched broadcast network
Most people watching television during the day yesterday chose to watch NBC for inauguration coverage with ABC a very close second, according to Nielsen Fast National Data.


• Total Viewers:

NBC – 10,406,000

ABC – 10,129,000

CBS – 7,049,000

• A25-54 demo:

NBC – 4,335,000

ABC – 3,931,000

CBS – 2,724,000

The lesson of the Inauguration for local news

Obama Pennsylvania Ave.We don’t have numbers yet, but predictions are that Obama’s inauguration will be the largest television event in history. Here are my Outside The News Box thoughts on this historic occasion.

Our future is in television events
From covering big events like Super Bowls and Inaugurations, to our approach to Breaking News, we have got to elevate our presentation to produce a steady stream of “events that viewers will find engaging, exciting, and wonderfully unpredictable. We must be “live” on all our platforms. Our future is about “currency” and “urgency”

Social Networking is still more about engaging than numbers
Alot of people are engaging us in new and exciting ways, but their numbers are still dwarfed by television viewing. Facebook and CNN provided a great service today, allowing me to watch and network at the same time. Twitter had its biggest day ever. But I saw as many “crash and burns” as I saw success stories. I really just wanted to sit and soak up the history. That said, the marketing of social engagement tools says a lot about your organization and servicing this audience is IMPORTANT brand management.

We have got to hire smart people
Today, it was Charles Gibson on ABC who never seemed to be at loss for words. As importantly, he knew when to stop talking. I was in a small golf community last week during the Emergency landing in the Hudson River. The young talent blathered on, repeating themselves, and offered little insight.
We have got to identify new talent, mentor them, give them opportunities to exercise their skills. Insist they know the news of the day, every day! They need that knowledge to ask relevant questions and fill in the gaps as the story plays out.

It takes a plan
We can’t rely on good people to just wing it. When we are executing our latest event we need to planning the next one. Plan, De-brief, then Repeat. Planning helps eliminate repetition, encourages confidence, and identifies where we need to improve.

Your thoughts?

Outside the News Box: It Can Get Messy UPDATE

New York Times now on CNN/Kathy Griffin New Years Eve. Brian Stetler writes:
Acting not unlike many New Year’s Eve partygoers who pushed the revelry a little too far, CNN woke up on Jan. 1 with a tinge of regret. The comedian Kathy Griffin with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. Her vulgarity was cut from rebroadcasts.
Not that it was not worth it. CNN got the buzz it was seeking. Resembling MTV more than a cable news network, CNN’s two-hour live countdown included eyebrow-raising performances by the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose lead singer displayed a Confederate flag, and by the rapper Lil Wayne, whose backup dancer put on a risqué pole-dancing show.

Outside the Box: It Can Get Messy

Not everyone thought Kathy Griffin on CNN’s Years Eve Coverage was a great idea.
Sean Wood., Media Specialist at KGBT, kicked off his new blog “indignation with this commentary:

I got into the news business long enough ago that I can remember when news was news. There wasn’t such a need to entertain the public because the public came to you for information.
Now, it’s about grabbing a piece of our limited attention span that our video gaming, channel surfing, instant gratificating society has developed. So you end up with Kathy Griffin on the air with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, hosting a New Year’s Eve countdown. (At least it’s a departure from Ryan Seacrest.)

I applaud CNN for trying something. If someone has an answer to fix our business, step up and let us know. We are all just throwing stuff up to see what sticks.-Griff

SNL Skit Torques NY Governor

New York governor David Paterson is not so great at taking a joke and is ticked off about being portrayed as “blind and bumbling” in a SNL sketch last Saturday. Link to entire SNL skit

A spokesman for Paterson, who became governor of New York last spring after then-Gov Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign amid a sex scandal, suggested the skit was offensive to all people with physical disabilities.

“The governor engages in humor all the time, and he can certainly take a joke,” said Risa Heller, Paterson’s communications director. “However, this particular Saturday Night Live skit unfortunately chose to ridicule people with physical disabilities and imply that disabled people are incapable of having jobs with serious responsibilities.
Also during the skit, Amy Poehler said her goodbyes:

“This is my last show,” Poehler announced from her “Weekend Update” anchor desk. “I love you,” she told the audience, “and I will miss all of you very much.”