OTNB: Journalist’s Toolbox

I’ll be travelling most of this week. Hope to post some useful tips.

The Society of Professional Journalists has re-launched its online Journalists Tools box.
Here’s just a sampling of content:

Covering the Obama Administration: The Federal Citizen Information Center: National Contact Center includes phone and hotline numbers to various agencies, Congressional phone directories, new contacts for cabinet departments, etc.

  • Covering Congress: There are many online tools that help track bills and how senators and representatives vote.
  • Plane Crash: The Public Safety section has background on the US Airways flight 1549 crash in the Hudson River.
  • Food Safety: FDA officials are warning people not to eat peanut butter after a salmonella outbreak.
  • Medical/Health: Cover flu season with tools such as WhoIsSick.org, which maps cold and flu symptoms by ZIP code. Users can log their ailments to the site as well.