One-Man-Band Usage Up Modestly

RTDNA/ Hofstra Survey Finds One-Man-Band Usage Up Modestly

FROM RTNDA: – Over the last few years, talk about using one-man bands has soared, but it seems that actual use of one-man-bands has risen only modestly, according to the latest installment of the RTDNA/Hofstra survey. “It appears that with one-man-band usage, a lot of stations are more talk than action, according to the numbers,” said survey director Bob Papper, professor and chair of journalism at HofstraUniversity.

Three years ago, 22.3 percent of surveyed stations said they “mostly use” one-man-bands. Today, that percentage is up to 31.7 percent. The stations reporting “some use” of one-man-bands edged up from 26.9 percent to 29 percent this year. The “not much” usage category slid from 22.3 percent to 21.0 percent, and the “do not use” group dropped just over 10 points from 28.6 percent to 18.3 percent.

Most of the growth in the use of one-man bands from 2007 to 2010 came in the smallest markets and in the smallest newsrooms. Only 8.5 percent of the largest newsrooms – 51 or more employees – said they “mostly” use one-man-bands.

RTDNA Members can access the full data from the survey by clicking here.

 “Expected use” of one-man-bands is where we see the biggest change – up to 43.1 percent this year from 27.7 percent three years ago. There should be a word of caution in interpreting these results, though. These are close to the same numbers we had the year before, and the actual growth of one-man-bands was far more modest than the expectation.


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