What’s In the Health Care Bill? – The story you need to be all over next week.

Eds. note: This is another in our series of Outside the Newsbox ideas.

The Washington Post today published a handy guide to what’s in the Senate health care bill and changes that are in the House reconciliation bill.  It’s highly summarized and covers only eight major topics.  It’s useful, however, given that the bill posted on the internet is unintelligible.

Your website and your primary media (tv, radio, or print) had better be all over this story starting Sunday.

As a news consumer I will be looking for a clear, easy-to-understand guide to the new healthcare landscape.  Focus on exactly what is in the plan, what proponents say it will do to improve healthcare, and what are the pitfalls to look out for as a health care consumer.   Hopefully, your coverage will be politics-light and heavy on real life scenarios.

Don’t forget to ask your customers what they want to learn more about. Again, avoid the political rhetoric and focus on the impact of the new laws.


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