Setting the Record Straight on Local, Hyperlocal, and Niche.

Oh, is this post past due. Steve Safran hits the nail on the head. Here’s the Tweet:

RT @RTNDA_F: LR’s Steve Safran sets the record straight on the difference between local, hyperlocal and niche sites –

And..a short preview:

“…let’s make sure we have our definitions correct.

Local: What we think of when we watch local news or read a local newspaper. Coverage of a city, town or region as a whole. News about New York City is local.

Hyperlocal: Coverage of a neighborhood or district within a city or town. News about East Village is hyperlocal. (See the project the NY Times is doing with NYU for this example.)

Niche: A marketplace vertical. A “New York City Moms Blog” is a niche site, not a hyperlocal site. If we had an East Village Moms Blog, we’d have a hyperlocal niche site.

 It’s important we note the distinction among these terms and keep them straight. This isn’t just a matter of nitpicking – it goes directly to our strategy-making. We have to get the words right.”

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