Ruler In The Snow – Hi-tech Twist to Old Schtick

Sometimes, the best new ideas are innovative approaches to old ones.  Case in point, WITI-TV in Milwaukee has a hit on their hands with their SNOWSTICK.   Yup! That old schtick where the reporter sticks the ruler in the snow to “prove” the snow depth – it’s now a major online feature for the station.


From FOX6Now.comWITI-TV made the SNOWSTICK  from a 6″ plastic tube. Orange tape and mailbox numbers mark the inches. 
They used an off the shelf Logitech webcam placed inside a protective housing.  The camera is wired to a laptop that is wrapped in plastic to protect it from the weather.

The laptop connects to USTREAM Live.

Two other things I really like about this setup.  First, they have a chat function embedded in the page, and people are using it!. Second, the station is not tying up a reporter to do this simple function. Not to mention how career-enhancing snow storm live shots tend to be.  kudos to for this great twist on an old schtick!

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