iPhone App for News Videographers

From the “there’s an app for that” category:    b-roll.net has taken their very useful b-roll.net GOLDEN HOUR calculator and create an app you can take with you on your shoot.  Knowing what filters to use and which gels to take on a shoot can be a challenge for those of us just learning how to be multi platform journalists. 

Kevin Johnson from b-roll.net touted his new tool, “It’s always helpful to know when you’re going to need gels for live shots… and when you’ll get that beautiful golden sunrise or sunset for your next shoot.”

 Using your iphone (sorry crackberry and android fans), go to http://b-roll.net/gh. Your phone will ask you if it can use your location… click yes (don’t worry – we won’t tell the desk where you are…) and select “Get Information.” You will quickly be given the Blue Hour, Gold Hour, Sunrise and Sunset times for your location today and tomorrow. Probably more info that you need… but do with it as you will.


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