Setting the Record Straight on Local, Hyperlocal, and Niche.

Oh, is this post past due. Steve Safran hits the nail on the head. Here’s the Tweet:

RT @RTNDA_F: LR’s Steve Safran sets the record straight on the difference between local, hyperlocal and niche sites –

And..a short preview:

“…let’s make sure we have our definitions correct.

Local: What we think of when we watch local news or read a local newspaper. Coverage of a city, town or region as a whole. News about New York City is local.

Hyperlocal: Coverage of a neighborhood or district within a city or town. News about East Village is hyperlocal. (See the project the NY Times is doing with NYU for this example.)

Niche: A marketplace vertical. A “New York City Moms Blog” is a niche site, not a hyperlocal site. If we had an East Village Moms Blog, we’d have a hyperlocal niche site.

 It’s important we note the distinction among these terms and keep them straight. This isn’t just a matter of nitpicking – it goes directly to our strategy-making. We have to get the words right.”

Twitter Blasts Past 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Dan Frommer in Business Insider | Feb. 22, 2010

Twitter tweets per day

 A nice milestone for Twitter: It has now passed 50 million tweets per day, up from about 2.5 million per day at the beginning of last year.

This is one of Twitter’s most important metrics, so it’s a good thing that it’s still growing rapidly. Because Twitter is a distributed service all over the Web, on desktop clients, mobile apps, etc., “unique visitors” to has always been a somewhat flawed growth metric. (Though it’s obviously important for Twitter’s user base to continue growing, too.)

Here’s Twitter’s blog post on the achievement, posted by analytics staffer Kevin Weil:

Meet AOL’s Fresh-Faced Future Of Local News

EDS. NOTE:  According to an internal communication with employees, AOL (AOL) plans to expand Patch, its network of local news blogs, from 30 sites to “hundreds,” by the end of 2010.

The goal: “To be leaders in one of the most promising ‘white spaces’ on the Internet.”

Silicon Valley Insider’s Nicholas Carlson profiles the next generation of editors who will run local new blogs as the company ramps up its “hyper-local efforts”.

Heather Collura is a Jersey girl at heart with a passion for journalism.

As far as we can tell, CEO Tim Armstrong’s plan to turn AOL into a next generation media company involves three editorial groups:

A massive group of 10,000+ freelancers who are assigned stories through
A mix of fulltime bloggers and high-profile old media types who will assign those stories and write for 100+ branded blogs.
Hundreds of “Patch” editors who will run local news blogs to keep tabs on small suburban communities.
It’s this last group of Patch editors that interests many of us the most. Two reasons:

These are those journalists who, by themselves, will try to replace the role newspapers played in local communities.
We’re all excited to see how AOL will earn enough money through local advertising to actually pay fulltime journalists.
AOL is hungrily hiring more Patch editors every day. But right now, there are just 20. They are mostly fresh-faced recent college graduates with little or no experience. A few are long-time newspaper vets.

Let’s meet them, shall we? (editor profiles) →

Car Dealers To Boost Internet Budgets

Due to the pre-purchase research involved in moving the metal, a survey of auto dealers shows that 96% say the Internet will consume more of their marketing dollars in the next five years. And over the past five, 80% reported that the Web has been their most successful ROI vehicle.

 MediaPost Publications Drive Thru: Car Dealers To Boost Internet Budgets 02/15/2010

Ruler In The Snow – Hi-tech Twist to Old Schtick

Sometimes, the best new ideas are innovative approaches to old ones.  Case in point, WITI-TV in Milwaukee has a hit on their hands with their SNOWSTICK.   Yup! That old schtick where the reporter sticks the ruler in the snow to “prove” the snow depth – it’s now a major online feature for the station.

HOW THEY MAKE IT WORK AND MY THOUGHTS ON NEXT PAGE: Continue reading “Ruler In The Snow – Hi-tech Twist to Old Schtick”

iPhone App for News Videographers

From the “there’s an app for that” category: has taken their very useful GOLDEN HOUR calculator and create an app you can take with you on your shoot.  Knowing what filters to use and which gels to take on a shoot can be a challenge for those of us just learning how to be multi platform journalists. 

Kevin Johnson from touted his new tool, “It’s always helpful to know when you’re going to need gels for live shots… and when you’ll get that beautiful golden sunrise or sunset for your next shoot.”

 Using your iphone (sorry crackberry and android fans), go to Your phone will ask you if it can use your location… click yes (don’t worry – we won’t tell the desk where you are…) and select “Get Information.” You will quickly be given the Blue Hour, Gold Hour, Sunrise and Sunset times for your location today and tomorrow. Probably more info that you need… but do with it as you will.