Is YouTube Direct Right for Your News Organization?

Expect to hear a lot of buzz about YouTube Direct.  And, for good reason.  It may be the solution for you to get user-generated video and viewer comments on your site, or on-air, without costing you anything.  

Except, this model has no revenue component, a fact established solutions like  YouNews, USTREAM KickApps , will surely point out.  Oh, and you are helping YouTube build out it’s news presence online.

YouTube Direct allows you to embed the upload functionality of YouTube directly into your own site, enabling your organization to request, review, and re-broadcast user-submitted videos with ease. News organizations can ask for citizen reporting; nonprofits can call-out for support videos around social campaigns; businesses can ask users to submit promotional videos about your brand. With YouTube Direct, the opportunities to connect directly with the YouTube community are endless.

Key features of YouTube Direct include:

  • Built on the YouTube API, this 100% open-source solution provides you with an easily-integrated audience engagement platform for your website
  • The customizable interface allows you to tailor the look and feel of the tool precisely to your audience
  • Visitors can answer your call for content by uploading their videos to YouTube via your site without leaving the page
  • A moderation panel enables your editors to review and approve/reject all submitted videos, deciding which ones meet your organization’s editorial criteria
  • All videos approved by your editors include a link back to your site when viewed on YouTube


WHDH, Boston

          San Francisco Chronicle

          Here’s how to sign up and start uploading.

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