Site of the Day – Obama Weather

What’s the weather, what to wear? Obama helps you everywhere!

How does it work?

The site gets a detailed weather report from a service, analyses a relation of temperature, humidity, strength of wind and some other characteristics and, finally visualizes the most comfortable set of clothes to wear this day. Of course, our commander-in-chief models the clothes you should be wearing.

Why do you need it?

The site sez: You don’t have to check your thermometer anytime you go out in order to decide what clothes to wear. No more ‘let’s look out of the window to see what people wear today’ or go out to the balcony to feel if the clothes you’ve chosen is ok not to get freezed or hot. All you need is to check what Obama or his friends wear.

Moreover, can become your major adviser while planning a business trip or a vacation journey. You’ll always know for sure what type of clothes you should take with you.

How to use it

Maybe a fun feature for the end of the weather segment or at the end of the newscast.


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