Is YouTube Direct Right for Your News Organization?

Expect to hear a lot of buzz about YouTube Direct.  And, for good reason.  It may be the solution for you to get user-generated video and viewer comments on your site, or on-air, without costing you anything.  

Except, this model has no revenue component, a fact established solutions like  YouNews, USTREAM KickApps , will surely point out.  Oh, and you are helping YouTube build out it’s news presence online.

YouTube Direct allows you to embed the upload functionality of YouTube directly into your own site, enabling your organization to request, review, and re-broadcast user-submitted videos with ease. News organizations can ask for citizen reporting; nonprofits can call-out for support videos around social campaigns; businesses can ask users to submit promotional videos about your brand. With YouTube Direct, the opportunities to connect directly with the YouTube community are endless.

Key features of YouTube Direct include:

  • Built on the YouTube API, this 100% open-source solution provides you with an easily-integrated audience engagement platform for your website
  • The customizable interface allows you to tailor the look and feel of the tool precisely to your audience
  • Visitors can answer your call for content by uploading their videos to YouTube via your site without leaving the page
  • A moderation panel enables your editors to review and approve/reject all submitted videos, deciding which ones meet your organization’s editorial criteria
  • All videos approved by your editors include a link back to your site when viewed on YouTube


WHDH, Boston

          San Francisco Chronicle

          Here’s how to sign up and start uploading.

Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites – October 2009

Note: The Hitwise data featured is based on US market share of visits as defined by the IAB, which is the percentage of online traffic to the domain or category, from the Hitwise sample of 10 million US internet users. Hitwise measures more than 1 million unique websites on a daily basis, including sub-domains of larger websites. Hitwise categorizes websites into industries on the basis of subject matter and content, as well as market orientation and competitive context. The market share of visits percentage does not include traffic for all sub-domains of certain websites that could be reported on separately.

How journalists can use Twitter Lists

We LOVE Lists! So I couldn’t resist posting these lists of a few quick and easy ways journalists can use Twitter Lists to keep tabs on their sources. ( From Jeremy Porter, a veteran public relations professional. He is the founder of :

* Create a public list of all the journalists at your organization
* Create a private list of your sources, organized by beat, story topic, or by people you’ve interviewed in the past
* Create a private list of your competitors, so you can keep tabs on what they’re writing about
* Create industry-specific lists of experts to brainstorm new story ideas
* Create geographic lists for sources in specific markets
* Create hashtag-based lists, for people who regularly participate in discussions around a particular tag (i.e., a conference or current event)

How PR professionals can use Twitter Lists

* Create a list of your clients who actively use Twitter
* Create a list of your colleagues at your organization
* Create a private list of journalists you want to follow or target with story ideas
* Organize media contacts by geography, beat, past interaction, etc.
* Create a list of media organizations, to keep tabs on current events or stories – for example, create a list of the top social media Twitter users

4 Ways News Organizations are Using Twitter Lists

outside the boxThough Twitter Lists are new to most users, some news organizations are trying to stay ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the new feature and implementing it quickly. Whether by creating staff directories to make their journalists easier to find, or recommending tweeps to follow on specific subjects, Twitter lists are giving news sites the ability to curate news and further open up to Twitter users that can help them to gather news.

via 4 Ways News Organizations are Using Twitter Lists.

Site of the Day – Obama Weather

What’s the weather, what to wear? Obama helps you everywhere!

How does it work?

The site gets a detailed weather report from a service, analyses a relation of temperature, humidity, strength of wind and some other characteristics and, finally visualizes the most comfortable set of clothes to wear this day. Of course, our commander-in-chief models the clothes you should be wearing.

Why do you need it?

The site sez: You don’t have to check your thermometer anytime you go out in order to decide what clothes to wear. No more ‘let’s look out of the window to see what people wear today’ or go out to the balcony to feel if the clothes you’ve chosen is ok not to get freezed or hot. All you need is to check what Obama or his friends wear.

Moreover, can become your major adviser while planning a business trip or a vacation journey. You’ll always know for sure what type of clothes you should take with you.

How to use it

Maybe a fun feature for the end of the weather segment or at the end of the newscast.

Who has the Most Followers on Twitter? (Top 100)

The Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers

As expected, Ashton, Oprah, Ellen, and CNN Breaking News made the top of the list.  Products and shows like Chelsey Lately, Martha Stewart, and Whole Foods Market are in the 2nd 25.  Also, notice how few people the top Twitterers follow.   BTW, Griff Potter is ranked 206,631st on twitterholic

# Name (Screen Name) Location URL Followers Friends Updates Joined
1. ashton kutcher (aplusk) here 3,913,292 255 3,832 10 months ago
2. Britney Spears (britneyspears) Los Angeles, CA 3,670,789 430,879 310 14 months ago
3. Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) California 3,648,942 3,913 720 15 months ago
4. CNN Breaking News (cnnbrk) Everywhere 2,798,339 16 1,167 35 months ago
5. Twitter (twitter) San Francisco, CA 2,589,815 108 553 33 months ago
6. Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian) Armenia 2,574,108 64 2,175 8 months ago
7. Barack Obama (BarackObama) Washington, DC 2,559,857 751,782 396 32 months ago
8. Ryan Seacrest (RyanSeacrest) Hollywood, CA 2,541,033 123 1,681 14 months ago
9. John Mayer (johncmayer) USA 2,525,771 70 2,388 9 months ago
10. Oprah Winfrey (Oprah) Chicago, IL 2,516,946 17 74 9 months ago