Getting Your Stories to Show Up on Google News – OTNB Idea

outside the boxSearch Engine Optimization. Everyone who posts content to your news site or channel must understand that:

CONTENT is King,

but KEYWORDS are the keys to the kingdom.

This video from Google lays out the schematic for Google News.
Among the “need-to-knows”:

  • Google News ranks stories from “trusted sources” higher. (determined by clickthrough rates of the source).
  • “Local” matters. Sources nearby are ranked higher than others who pick up a story from another region.
  • Attribution from trusted sources helps: (“the New York Times reported”).
  • Page Rank is less important for news articles.Google understands fresh content will have fewer views.
  • Include transcripts and descriptions with video. Google still is looking for relevant keywords.
  • Press Releases are ranked lower in Google News than news stories. (Question: Does using the phrase “news release” in a story lower its page ranking.
  • Google News provides SEO tips for publishers
    Google News provides SEO tips for publishers

    If you need a review of your web channel, or newsroom staff training, contact me. GRIFF


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