Five Social Media Sites for Journos

Here are some websites from SPJ’s Techno-J blog – that are worth checking out:

1. Wired Journalists
Social network with over 3,300 members and counting.

2. Muck Rack
Journalists on Twitter, listed by beat and media outlet. Add yourself to the list!

3. Visual Editors
Social network for graphically-inclined journos (designers, photographers, videographers, et al.)

4. Testy Copy Editors
Message board for folks on the copy desk.

5. Sree’s Twitter Guide for Skeptics and Newbies
Extensive list of Twitter tools and resources for journos, compiled by Columbia J-School tech superstar Sree Sreenivasan. You can listen to his “Twitter for Journalists” podcast here:

Until next time…

I’m Emily Sweeney, staff reporter at The Boston Globe. You can follow me (@emilysweeney) on Twitter at


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