TV in Denial?

“The traditional TV industry — cable companies, networks, and broadcasters — is where the newspaper industry was about five years ago: in denial.”

— From Henry Blodget’s column in Silicon Alley Insider, “Sorry, There’s No Way To Save The TV Business.” If you work in TV, you’ll likely disagree with his grim assessment, but Blodget makes some thought-provoking points about video distribution.


2 thoughts on “TV in Denial?

  1. Huh? Didn’t all over-the-air TV stations just go digital last Friday (06/12/2009)? Any other questions?

    Griff’s response: Not exactly. Most stations have been running their digital transmitters for years (or, at least months). Some stations have simulcast in 2003-04.
    What happened on 6/12/09 was that ANALOG transmission was halted by government order. But that would not be good PR for the government, nor broadcasters. Hence the silly 18 month PSA campaign about “going digital” when most stations were already broadcasting digital.

  2. Where is all the bandwidth going to come from? Today’s best home internet connection can barely support a single (nearly) high def stream. The writer must believe that all homes are going to connected with fiber-optics and the internet backbone capacity will be increased by at least 100,000 times in the next 5-10 years. The point-to-point nature of the internet is simply not designed to handle 100’s of millions of simultaneous 10 Mbps data streams. Can you imagine what would happen if 20 million people tried to live stream American Idol in high def? Heck, I still get “server busy” errors just loading my MSN home page.

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