A New “Pay”Model for Journalist Entrepeneurs

True/Slant offers a new financial model for journalists
True/Slant offers a new financial model for journalists

“It was a dark and stormy night — in a place that is home to the world’s worst thunderstorms,” he said. O’Brien noted that the Airbus A330 had a good record and “the crew had ‘Sully-esque’ seasoning.”

But O’Brien wasn’t reporting for CNN, which dumped him in December. He was posting on True/Slant, a Web site that is mapping a new relationship between journalists, readers and advertisers. In fact, O’Brien has already contacted such aerospace companies as Boeing and Lockheed Martin to sponsor his work at another site, and plans to do so for True/Slant.

Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post writes on how True/Slant is breaking down the wall between sponsors and journalism. The site may even feature pages produced by sponsors.

Lewis Dvorkin, founder of the site, which officially launches today after a trial run, makes no apologies for throwing out the old model. “It’s tailored for the entrepreneurial journalist,” he says. “We’re enabling and empowering journalists to develop their own brand.”

While this is unlikely to be the model for entire television station or newspaper sites, it could be turn a popular talent, or feature, into a profit center. You should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the model.
True/Slant launches – a new journalism model? | CyberJournalist.net
Trevor Cook: True/Slant – another online journalism project

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