Newsroom Twitter Accounts -What you have to say

Lots of good response to my question about using a single newsroom account vs. individual tweets from news people.

Here is a sampling:

ST. LOUIS, MO. – I would agree if stations stick by their talent and the branding of the station. Yes each should have their own. Views like to be connected but be mindful of whom they connect to. At one of my old stations we had a … some how get into our secured newsroom with out escort, a bit scary for everyone.

I think if your working close to the promotion department, you could have a lot of fun with it our FOX affiliate make it work. Posted by George Wise Owner, WiseMedia/WiseVideo,LLC


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Great blog post. I would agree with your reader… I think its both.

Of course, you’ll want to focus your efforts. One master account for your newsroom Twitter account, manned 24/7 by someone, treated not only as a breaking news feed, but also schedule information, some unique or original pieces of news not aired, links to source articles, and of course real human interaction.

As for individual accounts… It’s a combination of who will do the best job, but also who will best represent the station and your brand. Focus on key personalities, those you will market a bit as well, even if just talking about it within your newscasts, etc. It is, in this case, about following a niche area.. Health, Sports, or even just a lead anchor as an interesting person, getting an often unseen peek into that person’s personal, social, or day to day life, and giving them a forum to have actual communication with your viewers.

As I’m sure you know, Twitter is only one form of social media your news staff should be using… blogs, dynamic use of embeddable video, video blogs or web commentary, live streaming and more.  Gil


READING, PA – We’ve opted for each staffer to have her/his own account, if they choose to use Twitter. However, we have a “newsroom” account that tweets headlines and interacts with our followers as our official Twitter presence. Also, we’ve created a separate account that’s used as a way to feed an online feature we call “Newsroom Notebook,” which allows us to post live tweets directly to our main Web page.
Posted by John Boor, Administrative Editor at Reading Eagle Company


One thought on “Newsroom Twitter Accounts -What you have to say

  1. Thanks for the insight…the media brand verse talent approach always intrigues me. Social media platforms have really allowed me to start engaging more with stations and definitely feel more connected to individual talent as well.

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