2 thoughts on “OTNB IDEA: Putting Twitter to Work in the Newsroom

  1. I would say, both.

    I originally argued for individual accounts for our station because people prefer to talk to other people, or at least know who they are speaking to. It’s a better, stronger connection. The Colonel for Chicago Tribune is a notable exception, but even that account has a distinctive personality.

    But two things can argue against individual accounts. First, we found that viewers were looking for the station account. And for certain pieces of information, it carried more credibility.

    Second, individual accounts will only work if the people behind them are willing. This cannot be overstated. There’s an obligation to interactivity when a person creates an account, and it’s a liability if that person then ignores the viewers that seek to talk to them there.

    So, at our station, we have multiple people who man our station twitter account @whnt, but we also have individuals, ones who like Twitter and are willing to use it. @danwhnt is a great example by our chief met.

    Just our experience. And thanks for the services list — very helpful!


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