Neilsen Answers Critics of Tweeter Study

They’ve re-run the numbers and Neilsen still is insisting 60% of people who sign up for Twitter abandon the service after a month. That’s the latest from the research company after questions arose concerning the study’s methodology.
The original report did not include people who use Twitter “client” apps rather than using

Thursday, Neilsen issued and update saying it had re-run the numbers including 3rd party apps:

“We went beyond just, adding in more than 30 websites and applications that feed into the Twitter community including: TweetDeck, TwitPic, Twitstat, Hootsuite, EasyTweets, Tumblr, and many others.
The results verified our initial findings: about 60 percent of people on Twitter end up abandoning the service after a month. The year-long retention curve looks very much the same as the one for just” – David Martin, Vice President, Primary Research, Nielsen Online

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