Chuck Todd’s First 100 Days

During last fall’s presidential election campaign I became a big fan of NBC’s Chuck Todd.

As a local NBC News Director, I got access to a lot of the political backgrounding Todd and the NBC political unit was producing. The information was fascinating, but the unassuming guy behind it all was absolutely engaging.  Here was a guy like me, explaining the race in clear, easy to understand terms. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to see his potential.

Now,PoliticsDaily points out President Obama isn’t the only one being critiqued on his first 100 days.

PD talked with some Todd fans, AKA: the Chuckolytes, whose borderline obsession with the goateed analyst during the election seems to have carried over as Todd takes on the White House role.

“Last year, (Todd) was ecstatic providing analysis from his comfort zone,” said Paul Chamberlain, 41, who coined the “Chuckolyte” moniker, created the logo at right and launched VivaChuckTodd, one of several web homages to the goateed reporter. “Now he’s been put into this incredibly rigid environment, but I can see him hitting his stride.” (For Todd’s own thoughts on his first 100 days, see “100 Days of Chuck Todd.”)

Elizabeth Cohen, a doctoral student in media studies at Georgia State University, followed ChuckToddsGoate on Twitter during the campaign season and shared Chamberlain’s initial mixed feelings about Todd’s move to the White House. “Maybe I didn’t like thinking of Chuck as a reporter, since I thought of him more as a professor.”

Cohen has made the switch, too, and now watches Robert Gibbs’ press briefings in hopes of a Chuck Todd sighting. “I didn’t pay attention to White House correspondents before him, but now I watch the briefings and wait for Chuck to get called on.”

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