Advice For The One Man Band – er, Multiplatform Journalist!

One Man Band Reporter Steve Mort offers practical advice for solo reporters
One Man Band Reporter Steve Mort offers practical advice for solo reporters

One of the hottest topics at this week’s Radio-Television News Directors Association convention in Las Vegas is the move toward Multi-platform reporting. While much of the talk in Vegas is preparing journalists for this new reality, Steve Mort is talking practical advice and technique on his new blog, The One Man Band Reporter.

Mort is a journalist, producer, videographer and editor based in Orlando. Among Steve’s pearls, “Shooting a standup is an art in of itself. But shooting your own standup, ie., trying to be in front of and behind the camera at the same time, is challenging. The key is to get the basics right so it doesn’t look/sound woeful – and check the results before packing up and leaving the location.”


Many conference attendees are blogging and tweeting the sessions. Mizzou’s Jen Reeves is bullish on what Facebook offers journalists.

“Facebook is savvy with its product pages. Not only does it give you the opportunity to promote your newsroom’s brand, you can get creative, promote and track the activity on your page.  What’s even better, Facebook has written up how to do it. It’s very smart”, says Reeves in her blog, Jen Reeves – New Media Mind.


News Directors are learning about Twitter for Journalists.   Even panelists have been caught while presenting!


Turnout among News Directors is down this year, but enthusiastic students are filling the void.
Steve Safran noted,

“At the Monday morning session, “Moving Content Across Platforms,” the room was packed – standing room only – and the face of the room was, well, young. I know we often write “I hate to generalize,” but the generalization is apt. The young journalists are investing in themselves. There are far fewer media managers here.”

Hope to post links to some of the presentations, powerpoints, and videos as the week goes on.  Stay tuned!

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