OTNB IDEA: Using URL shorteners.

How can something so short be so important?
There is alot more going on beyond the ability to get to the 140 character Tweet limitation.

I’ve used Tiny and Burn and Bit. But the ability to track the traffic your “sharing” generates tells you alot about your impact in the social media world.

For example, Snipurl counts total clicks and unique clicks; Tr.im tracks the visitor’s location, the referring site, and time of click as well as the total number of clicks; Bit.ly shows traffic sources as well as “conversations” — how many people have passed along your short link on Twitter and FriendFeed.

Another useful option is “preview”.
Tr.im has a great one. Why? If you’ve ever been “Rick rolled” you know why you might like a preview before going to a cloaked URL.

“Rick rolling” is slang for a prank where, for instance, you get unsuspecting people to click through to a certain singer’s music video. Funny stuff? Maybe — but that cloaked link could just as easily lead to a site that’s “not safe for work,” to a phishing site, or even to a malware-infected website that can harm the viewer’s computer.
Cli.gs probably wins out — at the moment — for its depth of detail in free real-time analytics.

Check here for more shorteners and other Twitter Tools


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