TV Vs. New Media – TV Still Wins

TV Still Beats All other media for # hours watched.
TV Still Beats All other media for # hours watched.

I’ve been saying it. Television still can deliver emotion better than any other media.
New business models are needed, but the answer lies in creative and innovative content. That can’t be outsourced like other business functions.
So the headline in MEDIAWEEK came a no surprise. New Devices Impactful, But TV Still Rules.
Katy Bachman writes: The new media revolution may be coming, but it hasn’t quite taken over yet. For all the fuss over the plethora of digital media devices, the TV screen is still by far the most popular media source for all consumers, both young and old, according to a landmark study commissioned by Nielsen-backed Council for Research Excellence.

The CRE study reports, consumers, on average,  spend:

67%  of their media time with TV (including DVRs, DVDs and games

About 2 minutes a day watching video via the Internet

A fraction of a minute watching mobile video.

Even among 18-24-year-olds, the average amount of time spent watching live TV (209.9 minutes) surpassed the total amount of computer screen time (169.5 minutes).

Glimmer of Hope

“Increasingly our clients are frightened by the onset of the DVR. There’s been talk that the 30-second spot is dead and that young people don’t watch TV anymore,” said Shari Anne Brill, chair of CRE’s media consumption and engagement committee and senior vp, director of programming for Carat told Bachman. “We wanted to verify or dispel those myths.”

Myth #1 that Outside the News Box has been arguing all along: Tounger consumers are not the biggest consumers of media. The 45-54 age group, now being called the “digital boomers”, spend 9.5 hours with all four screens (TV, computer, mobile and out-of-home) compared to 8.5 hours for all other age groups.



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