Jon Stewart takes Jim Cramer to the woodshed, shames CNBC

The reviews are coming in and it looks like Jon Stewart wins by TKO:
From The Village Voice: Jon Stewart Beats Jim Cramer’s Sorry Ass on The Daily Show
Boston Herald calls it a tie: Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart: When blowhards collide
The Gawker: Stewart Can’t Land Knockout Punch On Meek Cramer
From Jake Coyle at AP:
NEW YORK (AP) – “It was perhaps the hardest lashing Stewart has given to a TV commentator since 2004 when he called Tucker Carlson and his then co-host Paul Begala “partisan hacks” on CNN’s “Crossfire,” the since canceled political commentary program.” MORE

Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post called it a “One-sided Smackdown”.
“Jon Stewart wasn’t trying to be funny. Jim Cramer wasn’t trying to be obnoxious. The result was riveting, if not particularly hilarious, television, with Stewart dominating all the way,” wrote Kurtz.

Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik: “As Stewart assumed the role of stern and angry prosecutor that he maintained through most of the 25 minute conversation, Cramer became more and more pathetic. At one point, he tried to slow Stewart’s assault by promising to be better in the future. But Stewart reminded him about how much damage had already been done to the economy, the country and citizens’ lives by what Cramer blithely referred to as “shenanigans” last night.” MORE

Is Stewart the thinking man’s Rick Santelli – a guy who’s also mad as hell, but at the people who deserve the ire?
That seems to be the suggestion of Chicago Tribune Pop Culture blogger Rick Johnson. “In the much anticipated Cramer vs. Stewart showdown on “The Daily Show” Thursday night after a week of public back-and-forth, Stewart wore the populist hat CNBC reporter Santelli tried to don a couple of weeks ago in delivering an on-air “rant,” as Santelli called it, against irresponsible mortgage takers.”

“They burned the [bleeping] house down with our money,” Stewart said, seething, of Wall Street insiders who turned piles of dubious loans into instruments of short-term profit, “and walked away rich as hell, and you guys knew that that was going on.”

“Tonight, Jon Stewart morphed from satirical fake news pundit to bonafide journalist asking the hard questions, as he dug deep and uncomfortably into his cowering and humbled guest, CNBC “financial expert” Jim Cramer, said April MacIntyre from Huffington Post. MORE

Headline from James Fallows at the Atlantic: “It’s true: Jon Stewart has become Edward R. Murrow.”

Business Week: So why did Cramer feel a need to suddenly assume the role of somber spokesman for CNBC on a comedy show Thursday night? It didn’t make sense.

MORE reviews and VIDEO at TVNEWSER


2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart takes Jim Cramer to the woodshed, shames CNBC

  1. I just spent seven weeks freelancing for CNBC as Senior Producer of Mad Money with Jim Cramer. I left under duress just over a month ago. I found it to be the most discouraging and soulless work environment I have ever encountered. I cannot begin to describe how horrified I was by the lack of journalism and integrity — as well as decency — I encountered there. Corporate CEO’s are idolized by the CNBC staff like baseball sluggers are revered by children. There is no journalism happening at CNBC. The network is part of the problem and cannot possibly help solve the corruption in the financial system because that would involve the cannibalization of itself. I was shocked by the encounter Cramer had with Stewart. I was stunned his Executive Producer and protector, Regina Gilgan (a horrid woman with no heart), allowed it to happen and sent him to the wolves so unprepared. I was heartened to see Stewart had procured videotape of Cramer describing the sins he committed as a hedge fund manager that he now decries on CNBC’s air. The King, alas, no longer has clothes. CNBC is a sham, a place no self-respecting journalist should ever call home. Just my humble opinion…

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