OTNB Story Idea: One Layoff Leads to Another

Alana Semuels at Los Angeles Times writes a great piece following the dominoes when someone loses a job.  This would make a GREAT television story:

layoffsRogelio Valdez waits for customers in his Reseda barbershop. Business is down 20% as his regulars forgo trims. He has extended his hours and eliminated vacations to help make ends meet. A video game company lets go a writer, who then lays off his nanny, who stops visiting his barber, who can no longer afford the waitress’ meals.

As the recession deepens across the country, touching millions of individuals, it links people through countless cutbacks and layoffs. One job loss leads to another, much the way a wobbly domino can topple the whole row.
Minor financial decisions — a penny pinched here, a dollar saved there — build, rippling through a chain of strangers.

This story can be done in any town in America. I look forward to seeing your results.

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