OTNB Idea: Covering the Economy – Schools

RESCUING KIDS FROM FINANCICAL IGNORANCE: From LATimes -Financial teaching at home and in the nation’s schools is skeletal at best, educators say. American youngsters who can Twitter, text, blog and download with ease are downright clueless when it comes to old-school chores like balancing a checkbook or understanding retirement savings.
Karen P. Varcoe, a consumer economics specialist for the University of California, said, “The good news, is that teens are keenly interested in learning about money. Arming them with some fundamentals may help them weather the next recession better than their parents are faring now.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE EXPERIENCING ENROLLMENT DECLINES and offering more scholarships, with tuition out of reach for some families, reports Poynter’s Al Tompkins in his daily story ideas column, Al’s Morning Meeting. What’s the trend in your area, at your school?

PUBLIC COLLEGES: Families give affordable choices a second look during tough times

TRADING PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR PUBLIC: Some parents are trading their tuition payments for public schooling.
One public school district told KMOV-TV in St,. Louis they are seeing more transfer students from private schools because of the economy.

STIMULUS PLAN HELPING SOME SCHOOOLS: From KSBW-TV – SALINAS, Calif. schools are set to receive $32.8 million in funding for programs included in the new economic stimulus package.

RETURNING TO THE CLASSROOM: Are laid off workers turning to teaching as a fallback in tough times? Remember when dad said, “Get a teaching degree. You’ll always have something to fall back on.”

FAST EDUCATION: Some community colleges have job-specific programs to certify workers in as little as 14 weeks. Its cram course with little theory and heavy on the training. Some programs are even free!

8 TUITION FREE COLLEGES: Schools across the country that do not cost money

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