Dispel the Baby Boomer Myths

No, not all Baby Boomers are cooling our heels. And, no, we’re not all rich.

Those are a couple of the perceived notions of Baby Boomers that don’t hold up to the facts, according to Paul Briand, Baby Boomer Examiner at examiner.com. As Online Content Managers, Editors, News Directors, we need to keep these notions from mis-directing our thinking as we go about the task of re-inventing our business.(OTNB IDEA)

An AARP study last year about myths associated with Baby Boomers bears re-examination given the start of 2009 and the expectation of change with the presidency of Barack Obama.
There’s been a lot of talk about the generational change that Obama represents, how his policies will sweep away the perceived political and societal ills that somehow are the fault of many years of having Baby Boomers in charge. But perception does not necessarily translate into reality.

A la David Lettermen, here’s the Top 10 Baby Boomer myth list, starting with 10:

    10. Baby Boomers are retiring early
    9. Boomers are downsizing their homes
    8. Most Boomers are married empty nesters
    7. You can capture Boomers with mainstream advertising
    6. Boomers are brand loyal and will not switch
    5. Boomers are wealthy
    4. Boomers are winding down with age
    3. Boomers are technologically challenged
    2. Boomers are the “Me Generation”
    1. Boomers are all the same

    If you think about it, No. 1 speaks for the rest of the list: You can’t categorize the Baby Boomer. The Baby Boomer generation, like all generations, is made up of different attitudes and amplitudes, different philosophies and hypotheses. They’ve never spoken with one voice … but given the numbers, about 79 million, imagine if they did.


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