Outside the News Box: Touch screen PC?

One of the ah-ha moments of my holidays came when I picked up my son’s IPod touch.
Once I got past the novelty of “finger-surfing”, I became entranced with the idea of changing the shape of the screen to fit the application.
Change the "look" to change your way of thinking
With the IPod touch you simply flip the unit to change the aspect ratio of the screen. How soon before all electronic screens have advanced touch features and, I believe, more importantly, a vertical orientation like smart phones and the IPhone/IPod touch?
Think about it. Most books and magazines (and newspapers) are already oriented that way, as are portrait photos. Some television web templates leave wide borders on each side to have a consistent look regardless of screen resolution.

OTNB IDEA: One of the best ways to stir creativity and spur innovation to physically change the orientation or dimensions of an idea or object.
Think about it with fresh physical orientation.
Great Videographers turn their cameras away from the action on a news scene to capture a fresh perspective or unique story angle.


One thought on “Outside the News Box: Touch screen PC?

  1. Touch Screen PCs? Comments from “Those in Media” group at Linkedin.com

    Tablet PCs?
    and actually all Nvidia graphics cards do vertical mode. That’s how great looking Digital Signage works. Most of these screens are also touch enabled and a few are “multi touch” enabled

    Clyde DeSouza
    Think Tank – in Creative Technology usage & Stereoscopic 3D\


    Windows 7 will supposedly have multitouch built in, and there are a couple of laptops, the Dell XT and HP TX2 that have some degree of multitouch screens now.

    I’ve been using tablet PCs for some time and usually use them in Vertical mode because it is easier to read a full page that way. As Clyde said, Nvidia graphics cards will do vertical. Depending upon your monitor stand, your monitor may also be able to do vertical.

    It will be interesting to see whether multi-touch catches on. While touching the screen is natural on a tablet, it doesn’t feel that natural on a desktop monitor to me.

    Sheryl Katz
    Legal, Publishing and Technology Consultant

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