Outside the Box: It Can Get Messy

Not everyone thought Kathy Griffin on CNN’s Years Eve Coverage was a great idea.
Sean Wood., Media Specialist at KGBT, kicked off his new blog “indignation with this commentary:

I got into the news business long enough ago that I can remember when news was news. There wasn’t such a need to entertain the public because the public came to you for information.
Now, it’s about grabbing a piece of our limited attention span that our video gaming, channel surfing, instant gratificating society has developed. So you end up with Kathy Griffin on the air with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, hosting a New Year’s Eve countdown. (At least it’s a departure from Ryan Seacrest.)

I applaud CNN for trying something. If someone has an answer to fix our business, step up and let us know. We are all just throwing stuff up to see what sticks.-Griff


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