Sarah Palin Calendar 2009.. Seriously?

Here’s a gift for that “special” someone. Sarah Palin 2009 Wall Calendar includes photos from Campaign trail governorship and family.

2009 Palin Calendar
2009 Palin Calendar
This high quality 13 month wall calendar features:
Over 50 photographs of Gov Sarah Palin and her family
Never before seen photos
13 pages of high quality gloss paper
Closed dimensions: 9″x12″
Pre-drilled hole for hanging
Cellophane wrapped
Produced and printed in the USA

The calendar costs $15.95 and has an initial 30,000 print run. It’s available through her Web site,, and she is also working out a deal with Barnes & Noble to sell the calendar either in stores or online.

Here’s more from

The 13-month calendar–the first of its kind–includes dozens of original portraits and candid shots of the Alaska governor on the job and with her family. July’s pictorial, for instance, features Palin wrapped in the American flag, with a sidebar of pictures of her and her children.

“This flag photo was taken just days after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in 2001. Sarah, like the rest of the nation, was trying to cope with the attacks on American soil and demonstrating her patriotism,” the caption reads.

Judy Patrick, A Wasilla photographer, said her inspiration for the calendar was a simple one–she needs money. She and her husband are in the process of selling their Wasilla home to purchase a $250,000 condo in Anchorage that is somewhat out of their price range. They are looking to close on their new home Dec. 1.

“I’m hoping to sell enough calendars to make a healthy down payment,” Patrick said in an interview, noting that the project is entirely self-funded and won’t benefit anything but her home-buying interests.

The calendar costs $15.95 and has an initial 30,000 print run. It’s available through her Web site,, and she is also working out a deal with Barnes & Noble to sell the calendar either in stores or online. It’s also available in local book stores in Wasilla and Anchorage.

Patrick said she was wary of appearing to exploit her friendship with the Palin family. She has known the governor since 1996 and served as her deputy mayor in Wasilla. She described herself as a “Palin surrogate” and before she set out to make the calendar earlier this month, she said she emailed Palin’s husband, Todd, to ask if he would have any problem with it. He never responded, so she moved ahead.

The photos are ones she amassed over her years of friendship with Palin as well as official photography work she did during Palin’s gubernatorial campaign and two recent shots of Palin on the campaign trail. She owns the rights to the images, but said some of her best shots aren’t included because she gave them to the campaign. “I actually made this calendar with the remnants,” she said.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Calendar 2009.. Seriously?

  1. That double barrelled shotgun makes me think of my own upbrinnging in Sudbury Ont. My dear ol uncle Wilfred, one morning when visiting as children over the summer holidays of 1974 he was having his coffee & cigarette at the breakfast table with us. He noticed a deer grazing out in the back 40 & without missing a beat -put down the coffee -placed his cigarette in the ashtray beside the butter & slid open the back patio door. Then from a seated position still at said breakfast table reached behind him & located a fully loaded 30:30 Winchester Rifle & BOOM – shot at & missed that deer – ahh good times –

  2. I really hate news stories that make reference to a person, but never actually identify him/her. Who the heck is “Patrick”? It claims she’s a ‘friend’ of Palin’s and was deputy mayor, but shouldn’t that have been explained a little earlier in the story, and doesn’t the poor woman have a first name??

    1. Sorry, I dropped Judy Patrick’s first name in the editing process. She is the photographer who is putting the calendar together. Thanks for the catch, Matt!

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