Newport Aquarium – Awesome!

havana RhumbaThis weekend, my work/life balance tilted towards life and celebrating Margaret Anna’s Birthday. We spent Friday night in Louisvile. Dinner was incredible at the cuban-themed Havana Rumba. They Cuban Pork is to die for.(Directions here) If you ever get the chance, visit them. They sang Happy Birthday in Spanish and gave MA a delicious flan with a candle in it.

Saturday we drove up to Cincinnati. I spent a year there as 10pm Producer at WLWT with Charley Luken and Norma Rashid. George Vogel was doing sports and a young Solomon Wilcox, now with CBS Sports, was learning the ropes.

Anyway, we stopped by Newport on the Levee. It was delightfully decorated for the holidays. The Aquarium was so much better than I would have expected. We touched starfish, crabs, and sharks. The staff was very helpful. Here are some pictures.


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