The Gloves are off: Local TV Vs. The Newspaper

How far we’ve come from the days when convergence with the local newspaper was the secret sauce to success. Our groundbreaking convergence at WQAD-TV and the Rock Island Argus in ’00-’03, produced some great journalism, but not much revenue. I had hoped for bigger things when managing the process between WTMJ-TV and the Milwaukee Journal in ’03-’04.

Fast forward to 2008 and the bareknuckled sparring as TV and Newspapers battle for what’s left of the local revenue.

In Austin, TX and Little Rock, Arkansas, the local media seems to be turning on itself.

In Austin, the American Statesman makes fun of local reporters with a new promo promising “While other media is still getting ready to go on air, our reporters are already there getting the story.”

While in Little Rock, a local print coumnist is taking on KATV-TV and its new “you choose the news” feature. John Brummett writes, “I am so old that I remember when news professionals… decided with supposed professional and experience-seasoned expertise what to assign reporters to cover. We didn’t take a poll. We didn’t ask anonymous yahoos with laptops and BlackBerrys and other telephonic gadgetry to click on some icon and dictate our activities.”
Cory Bergman writes on the battle at
Print journalist blasts new feature


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