How do we hire “Right-Brainers”?

I must give credit for this Big Idea to my wife.  She is a devoted Oprah fan.  Former Al Gore speechwriter Daniel Pink was on Oprah’s satellite radio show.

Pink wrote A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. The book offers the argument that we are entering a new era where right-brained skills such as design and storytelling will become far more crucial than traditionally left-brained skills such as accounting and computer programming.    THIS MAY BE THE NEW HOPE FOR US. Pink calls this the “conceptual age” — where thoughts and ideas matter more than technical skills (which, if they can be defined, can be outsourced).

Pink was on Oprah’s Satellite Radio show:

Daniel: We live in a world where facts are everywhere. If we wanted to know the gross domestic product of Ecuador, my kids could find that online in 15 seconds. What matters more now is the ability to put facts into context and deliver them with emotional impact. And that’s what a story does. We have in our head something called story grammar. We see the world as a series of episodes rather than logical propositions; when your spouse asks, “How was your day?” you don’t whip out a PowerPoint presentation and a pie chart. Instead, you narrate: “First, this happened, and you’ll never believe what happened after that…,” and so on. In our serious society, storytelling is seen as being soft. But people process the world through story. Companies are now using a product’s backstory as a way to differentiate items in a crowded marketplace.


Now, take this test to see if you are left-brained, or right-brained:

2 thoughts on “How do we hire “Right-Brainers”?

  1. Wait. My wife doesn’t ask me how my day is. Is there something wrong with me? If we are to transform to a new paradigm, I would state that a good start would be The Anatomy of Story, by John Truby.

  2. Griff, I’ve been a fan of “storytelling” for most of my professional career and am now developing a series based entirely on it.
    I’ve found that its the one “format” or style that seems to resonate with all age groups and across all media formats.
    Note: Got this comment on my LinkedIn account from Lawrence Wells Broadcast, Video, and Multimedia Writer/Producer.

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