What was the biggest media blunder of 2008?

Politico has compiled a list of the top 10 media blunders of 2008 (although, media — you still have 10 more days to add to the list). “There was great reporting, with journalists breaking news and penning terrific profiles of the candidates and the campaigns,” writes Michael Calderone. “TV ratings and Web traffic were through the roof, evidence of huge voter interest. But there were plenty of missteps on the way.”

From “fist jab” to “pimped out,” from the New Yorker cover to the media coverage of the Enquirer’s Edwards story, cast your vote below:

Another milestone for Twitter

A passenger tweets a plane crash (after getting out, one hopes) — including a consumer relations moment (Continental won’t give the survivors a drink). Twitter log is hilarious!

From alleyinsider.com: A Continental airlines 737 slid off the runway in Denver last night. The engine on the right side burst into flames. Passengers escaped out the left side on slides. 38 people were hurt. Fortunately no one was killed.

In another first for Twitter, passenger Mike Wilson tweeted his miraculous escape. Click this link.
Read from the bottom up. And then buy this man (and everyone else on the plane) a vodka tonic!

Web Revenue exceeds Newsroom Expenses at LA Times

I love the LA Times Digital Edition and its mobile apps are fantastic, but I was stunned to learn how far the paper has come.

David Westphal reports an important and historic crossing of the Rubicon for a major newspaper, recounting a discussion with LA Times editor Russ Stanton at USC: “Stanton said the Times’ Web site revenue now exceeds its editorial payroll costs.”

I’ve long been asked by newspaper people – as a challenge – when the web will cover the costs of the newsroom as it exists. I’ve said it won’t, that the scale of the business is just different.

But if what Westphal reports is true – and I confirmed via email that I was reading him correctly (and it does make sense since both edit costs and web revenue run at about 10-15% of newspaper budgets) – then it means the Times could support its newsroom as it stands – after cutbacks aplenty – from the web. That’s momentous.

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Thom Mayne on creativity and vision

mayne“No matter what I ve done what I ve tried to do everybody says it can t be done.”
Architect Thom Mayne talks about the job of an architect — or any creative person — as a negotiation between one s internal world the world of aspiration and vision and the exterior world of limits. Finding creative ways to balance these two worlds involves remaining true to a vision while generating something useful and new.

Biography ofThom Mayne.
See a slideshow of Thom Mayne’s work up to 2005 the year he won the Pritzker Prize for Architecture at NYTimes.com.
TED | TEDBlog: Friday’s hidden gem: Thom Mayne on creativity and vision.

Sarah Palin Calendar 2009.. Seriously?

Here’s a gift for that “special” someone. Sarah Palin 2009 Wall Calendar includes photos from Campaign trail governorship and family.

2009 Palin Calendar
2009 Palin Calendar
This high quality 13 month wall calendar features:
Over 50 photographs of Gov Sarah Palin and her family
Never before seen photos
13 pages of high quality gloss paper
Closed dimensions: 9″x12″
Pre-drilled hole for hanging
Cellophane wrapped
Produced and printed in the USA

The calendar costs $15.95 and has an initial 30,000 print run. It’s available through her Web site, http://www.sarahcalendar.com, and she is also working out a deal with Barnes & Noble to sell the calendar either in stores or online.
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What makes a genius a genius: Another theory from Malcolm Gladwell

CocktailTalk.net :: Elevate Conversation » Blog Archive » What makes a genius a genius: Another theory from Malcolm Gladwell.

Ali Scott delivers a powerful critique on Gladwell’s thoughts on genius.

Strong. Unique. Innovative. Creative. These are all adjectives used within the definition of a genius.  These characteristics are identified at the individual level across all major research on the subject, but what if an individual genius was only a product of a genius group—does the individual genius even exist? I realize that this sounds absurd and abstract but after reading Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers, several book reviews and literature blogs, I have successfully decoded his complicated rhetoric. You can’t be a genius unless you come from a genius group.  Genius is entirely the result of your environment—very little has to do with the individual. Basically, if you are a poor kid from the ghetto your probability of becoming a genius is nearly impossible—that is unless you get adopted by the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie pack and use nepotism and the opportunity for advanced education as a catalyst to genius.

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Screen Actor’s Guild Award Nominees

The nominees for the SAG awards were announced this morning. Send your picks to comments-below.
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
RICHARD JENKINS / Walter Vale – “THE VISITOR” (Overture Films)
FRANK LANGELLA / Richard Nixon – “FROST/NIXON” (Universal Pictures)
SEAN PENN / Harvey Milk – “MILK” (Focus Features)
BRAD PITT / Benjamin Button – “THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON” (Paramount Pictures)
MICKEY ROURKE / Randy – “THE WRESTLER” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

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